Saturday, April 25, 2009

Life is What Happens While You're Busy Making Other Plans

Excerpts from a message to family and friends back in Illinois:

Friday, April 3rd
Well, it’s official, I’m an Arizonan now, and so is Harry. In the past couple of days, we’ve gotten Arizona Driver’s Licenses and License Plates, transferred our car titles, and registered to vote. Since the sale on the Skokie house closed 6 weeks ago, we don’t even own any property in Illinois anymore.

We’ve sold our original house here in Tucson, too; at least we have a contract on it,and a closing date of April 28th.

Sunday night, April 5th
I started writing this on Friday; put it aside till I would have more time. Little did I know that I would have a lot more to write about.

At 12:45 Saturday afternoon, we got a call from our former next door neighbor at the old house, sounding very upset, to say the least. It took a bit till she calmed down and I could understand what she was saying: a car had plowed through the front yard of our not quite sold house, and smashed into the corner of it. On it’s way, it went up on the curb and through some of the shrubs at 2 houses across the street, and almost ran down one of our neighbors. Luckily, she had stopped to pick up some litter, and the car missed her. But she was pretty shook up.
The car miraculously drove between 2 trees up our front lawn, plowed through the Ocatillo and a small Cholla before it hit the corner of the house.

Saturday afternoon, April 11th
I’ve been busy preparing for Pesach, not very well; the accident at the other house kind of threw a screw in the works. This year we weren’t having any guests for Seder, so at least I didn’t have to worry about anyone but Heidi and us. The Seders went OK under the circumstances, so now I have a chance to try and finish this.

Harry has been busy working his magic to get things going over at the other house. He’s managed to get the ball rolling and everyone involved is pretty sure that the work can be finished in time for the closing, which we were afraid would have to be postponed. We’ve already got whatever permits are necessary, and they’re supposed to start work on Monday.

Monday, April 13th
They have actually started working on the house, and seem very organized and competent. There are a number of different crews involved: electrical, construction, you name it.

Thursday, April 23rd
The work is pretty much done, and I went in and signed all the papers today; and the buyers were to do the same later. The walk-through is scheduled for 11am Sunday morning, and if all goes well, Tuesday it will all be done! And we can go on with our life.