Thursday, April 28, 2016

Diva's #265: Stripes

 The last couple of weeks, Ive done the Diva's challenges, 
but couldn't seem to finish them. Just too much going on;
so I wanted to be sure to finish and post this week's. 
Especially because I like the format so much. I hope to
get back in the swing of things soon. But for now,
at least here's this week's tile.

This week's challenge is Stripes; one of my all-time favorites. 
I took a slightly different approach this time. Instead of having 
all the stripes go in the same direction, I placed some of them 
at a right angle to the others. I like the resulting effect.
Be sure to visit the Diva's site to see the other wonderful 
entries; it's amazing how different all the responses are. 
Maybe you'll be inspired to try out one of the challenges yourself.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Joey's Weekly Challenge #109

Over at Joey's Weekly Challenge, 
we are continuing using Roman Numerals as 
the string; in this case IX:
And the tangles to use are;
and Zinger
I used all except Mooka:
 Last week, I didn't finish Joey's Challenge #108,
which, of course was Roman Numeral VIII
While I like Crescent Moon, and use it often, 
I just couldn't fit it in very well.
And I'm not much of a fan of N'Zeppel; 
but somehow it wormed it's way into the tile, 
anyway. Not so well done, but it's there.
Take a look at Joey’s site to see the other entries, 
and maybe try one yourself. 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Joey's Challenge #107, Roman Numeral VII

This week, the string for Joey's Challenge
continues using Roman Numerals

Since it's Challenge #107, the Roman Numeral is VII:

The tangles chosen are:
Queen's Crown

Here's my take:

I used all four of the tangles. 

Check out Joey's site to see the other entries.

Friday, April 8, 2016

It's a String Thing #139

This week's String Thing from Adele Bruno 
over at Tickled to Tangle is #139, and uses 
Adele's String of the same number;
and the tangles selected are:
Betwixt, Chillon,Tagh.

Here's my take on it:

I used all 3 tangles.
Many other Tanglers have stated that photographing 
their tiles gives them truer colors than scanning them.
I don't find that necessarily true; they usually seem to 
come out more yellow, as in this case. But unfortunately,
I'm having serious problems with my Laptop, and had to 
take it in for repairs. So I'm doing this on my iPad; which,
of course, has no scanner. I'll tell you, it's not been fun. 
Everything takes forever. I suppose if I had to do it more
often, I'd learn what I need to know.

That said, I've gotten this far; so now I have to figure 
out how to add a link so you can all go over to 
Tickled to Tangle Monday afternoon and see 
all the other entries. And Tuesday afternoon, 
she posts the new challenge.
(Well, I think I did it)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Diva's Challenge #262, UMT; Fassett

Usually, I save all my weekly challenges 
and post them together, but that usually means 
I end up posting them at the very last minute. 
So this week I decided to post them as I finish them.

This being the first Monday of the month, it's UMT,
or Use My Tangle, and the Tangle is Fassett, by Lynn Mead.

While looking to find a compatible string, 
I came across #129 by Nancy Smith. 

It just seemed like the perfect start, so I went with it:
Be sure to visit the Diva's site to see the other wonderful entries; it's amazing how different all the responses are. Maybe you'll be inspired to try out one of the Challenges yourself.