Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 Block-A-Month Crochet-Along

I finished both January squares for the 2010 BAM/CAL in 2 days. 
E-ZEE V-ZEE Granny Square

Cute as a Button Square

After posting photos on Ravelry, I discovered that I had positioned the center motif of the Cute as a Button Square at an angle, but decided that I rather like it that way, so I won't replace it.

I am also considering doing a second set of squares in colors to donate to one of the charities that collects afghans and blankets for the needy.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Finished 2009 CAL/BAM Afghan

These are the squares I did for the 2009 Ravelry CAL/BAM Afghan. The afghan came out very well; so well, in fact, that I've committed to doing it again in 2010. I've already completed the first January square and will be posting each month's squares as they are completed. This year, I'm doing all the squares in just one color: Off-White, as more than one color will fight with the delicate pattern of the couch for which it is destined.