Friday, January 8, 2010

Finished 2009 CAL/BAM Afghan

These are the squares I did for the 2009 Ravelry CAL/BAM Afghan. The afghan came out very well; so well, in fact, that I've committed to doing it again in 2010. I've already completed the first January square and will be posting each month's squares as they are completed. This year, I'm doing all the squares in just one color: Off-White, as more than one color will fight with the delicate pattern of the couch for which it is destined.


  1. I like the squares and the colors you chose. :)

  2. I love this blog.. everything here is just gorgeous to say the least.. this blog was sent to me by a friend.. thank you for sharing .. it is just gorgeous.. I also notice you are from Tucson. Az.. I have a son that lives in Marana .. he and his family have been there for a good long time now moving from Indiana where I am fron.. I hope you are doing okay after your therapy.. have a good day.. and I hope to hear from you soon.. Nancy from Indiana.. where it is cold and snowy... big time..


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