Tuesday, July 27, 2010

There's Good News, and.........

There's good news, and not so good news.  My glass studio is finished, 

but it seems I've been away from the torch for so long that my glassworking skills are a bit rusty. So I'll have to forgo making beads for embellishment on Poppy Fields Forever, and think of something else, which is what I would have done if the studio wasn't ready. If there was more time, I would play around a bit, and try to get back to my old level of expertise. But I still have more knitting to do, since I frogged a whole section yesterday. And glad I am that I did, too. I really like the changes I've made; it looks much better, feels much better, and I think it will hang much better, too.

Since I wrote that, I've done some more knitting, and it's going well and looking good. So maybe, just maybe, I will have some time to try my hand at the torch again. Who knows what may come out of that.

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