Monday, March 26, 2012

Where has the time all gone?

I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted to this Blog. 3 MONTHS! Things have taken a slightly different turn lately, as I've been spending more time making finished jewelry, and less time making beads. The beads I have been making have been mostly for use in the above mentioned finished jewelry. And I've been doing less knitting and crochet, although I haven't forsaken fibercrafts altogether;

I did another felted Moebius basket:

 And I've been trying my hand at spinning with a Drop Spindle.

The first attempt, started at a mini-class at Kathy Withers
then left to languish in a closet till I pulled it out and started 
trying again. It yielded about 30 yards or so.

 Encouraged by my success, I tried some recycled Sari Silk 
that I had bought at one of Kathy's Wool Festivals: It yielded about 50 yards.

And now I'm really getting the hang of it with this luscious  80% llama/alpaca, and 20% Soy Silk from Camp Verde Llamas, purchased at Kathy's last Wool Festival a couple of weeks ago.
 I've already got about 125 yards of the llama/alpaca/sari silk, 
and there's still at least that much more waiting to be spun.

BTW, when I say Kathy's last Festival, I don't just mean the latest one. It was really her LAST one, as she's moving to Maryland. Boy, will I miss her and her wonderful yarns and classes, as well as the animals at the ranch. She's always been a great source of inspiration.

That's the end of this chapter in my account of what's been happening. More to come about the metals class I've been taking, and all the changes in the 
glass and jewelry part of my world.

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