Thursday, May 9, 2013

Catching Up

I'm going to be concentrating on my Zentangles and some jewelry in the next few days, or weeks, depending.....

For starters, I finally finished a project I've had going around in my head for months. The Turquoise in the following pictures are actually glass beads that I have created to look like turquoise. And from the reaction I've received, it looks like it's been successful. 

This one has turquoise-like nuggets hanging from a copper neckpiece. At the moment, it is choker length, but has the capability of being hung from a longer necklace.

 This one has a large, flat,  wire-wrapped bead that can be reversed,

or changed for this bead:
or others to come.

And then there's my addiction to Zentangles. I rented "One Zentangle a Day" in eBook form  from the library, not realizing that it was a 6 week course, and eBook rentals are only good for 3 weeks. I decided it was worth having in my personal library so I ordered it and in a week I was back on course. But don't think I was tangleless during that week. There were always new patterns being introduced, or established ones available online, so I was able to try out new (to me ) ones constantly. I started doing some with white ink on black paper, and like those as well as the black on white. This is a practice sheet I did while learning new patterns:

  Here are 2 Zendalas, 1 on white and 1 on black paper:

and a white and a black tile using the same patterns.
A closer look at a white on black tile.
You can find out more about Zentangles at: Zentangles Blog or at

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