Saturday, September 13, 2014

That String Thing #57

Well, I finally finished a tile for That String Thing #57. 
This is the string we were to use, by Jill Dobis:
 along with any or all of these tangles:
Drip Drop by CZT Debbie Perdue
Dekore by Kari Shultz
Dust Bunny by CZT Margaret Bremner
Drupe by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts

I've been playing around with ideas for it all week, but nothing seemed to work. In the past, other strings, or tangles, or combinations of string and tangles have not totally appealed to me, but most of the time I've been able to turn them into something. Unfortunately, this is all I was able to come up with; not terrific; but not totally terrible either? Or, is it?

Check out all the entries @ Tickled to Tangle, on Monday, when Adele Bruno posts them. The vast differences that can be achieved using the same tangles on the same string are truly incredible. And, if you've a mind to try a String Thing yourself, check back on Tuesday, when she offers the new ones.


  1. I like your tangle. The bottom Drip Drops remind me of badmnton racquets and i envision some one beating a rug with them to get rid of the Dust Bunny, and while they were beating it the lovely Drupe fell out. Sometimes the art we create may not be pleasing to us, but appeals to others.

    1. Thanks, J L. I guess you are right about our art somehow appealing to others even when it may not be up to our own standards.

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  3. Its totaly not terrible, its a nice tile, but i can feel the same way as you. Sometimes you don't know wath to do with the string and the patterns. Its a real challenge, but so we can learn. You did a nice job!

    1. Thanks, Carmela. I appreciate your kind thoughts.


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