Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Joey's Weekly Challenge #116; Circular String with Flux

This last week, I started doing a series of circular tiles; 
some Zendalas, but not all. Imagine my surprise when 
this week Joey embarked on a new series of challenges;
using circular strings. So I felt right at home with it.
This is the first:
 And the suggested tangle is Flux.

I used Rick's version of Flux, and a little bit of Tipple:
At first I was going to fill in the background, 
but I finally decided that I really like the negative space.
On rereading Joey's post, I noticed that she was planning
to do the whole series on brown circle tiles, 
for a Renaissance look. I really like that idea, 
so I did a second tile on a beige background:
 I'm quite happy with both tiles, but I do favor the beige.
Take a look at Joey’s site to see the other entries,
and maybe try one yourself.


  1. Both are so beautiful! I favor the beige one too.

  2. Beautiful and delicate! Beige is my favorite too.

  3. These are both lovely! I'm partial to the renaissance piece;-)

  4. Both are gorgeous! My Favorit is the renaissance piece too!

  5. So soft and supple! I think I favor the beige, too! I love how the center leaves fall over.


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