Friday, May 22, 2009


It seems that my addictive/obsessive personality reaches into many, if not all, aspects of my life. I used to think that only books fell into that category; I couldn’t be trusted in a bookstore. Then, when I started working with glass, I saw it manifested again; with glass, tools, videos, and more books. Now that I’ve returned to fibercrafts, after a long hiatus, it is worse than ever. Not just yarn, needles and hooks, but books, magazines, and patterns, not to mention classes and workshops. Which is why I’m so proud of myself for resisting (mostly) the Siren Call of Tucson Yarn Company’s Moving On Up Sale.

I was able to confine myself to 1 (ONE) visit, and 1 (ONE) basket of yarn during the weeklong sale. The staff kept saying, “You need another basket. I’ll get you one.” But I would say, “No, if this gets full, I’ll have to either stop, or take out some yarn if I want to add more.” And I pretty much stuck to my guns. I only bought yarn that fit in one basket. Of course, the basket was more or less overflowing, but I was able to keep it all intact.

And I was able to stick to a plan of sorts, so I didn’t just grab everything that looked good. Instead of picking up everything Purple, as I often do, I did a selection of Greens with a little bit of darker Blues, and when I got home, I found some ribbon and eyelash/fun fur from my stash that I can add to possibly use for a Jane Thornley Feather and Fan Organic Wrap or other Free-Range/Free-Form project. I’m hoping to do a workshop with Jane this Fall, and I may save all this yarn for that project.

Next, I found some narrow tapelike 100% Organic Cotton in a Navy Jeans color and in a Denim color which really is more of a Gray. I’ve been wanting to try some of this for a while; it falls under the category of lighter weight yarns for the weather here in Tucson.

I’ve also been wanting to play around with some Noro sock yarn, fits the lighter weight (and thinner) category, and they had some Kureyon in my kind of colors.

The last yarn I got was one I would have passed up, but they had a sample of it knitted up, and while it works up a little on the bulky side, it’s very soft and not really heavy at all. I got it in 2 colorways, including a muted purplish tone, so I did do some of my signature color.

I've managed to store all the yarns, and now I just have to finish up a few projects before I get to tackle some of the new stash.

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