Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Obsessions/Addictions Part 2

I have been going through my stash and have come to the conclusion that no matter how much yarn I have (and how varied it is) it's never enough. Whatever new project I start, I don't have all of the right yarn, or yarns needed for it.

For instance, I thought that much of the yarn I purchased at the Tucson Yarn Company's Moving on up Sale (all of the green beauties shown in my last post) would be perfect to use when I go to Jane Thornley's workshop in Taos in September. The project hasn't been announced yet, but most likely these yarns would work. But I know that when I get to Taos, I'll want to scour the shops there to see what special treats there are to add to it all. Especially because so far I don't have a variegated or lead yarn to tie it all together.

But now Jane has announced a KAL based on the patterns and ideas in her new Summer Free Range Knitting Guide, including the Leaflings Shrug/Wrap, which is just crying out for Green. So I may use all or some of my greenery on that, instead of waiting to try one of Jane's ideas when I get to Taos. Then I'll have to start all over with new yarns for that project. :)

Which leads me to believe that it's folly to just buy/collect yarn because I like or love it, or because it's on sale, unless there is already a project to use it for. Because then it just sits there, looking enticing and feeling yummy, and accumulates with all the other beautiful yarn. But does that mean I'm going to stop buying yarn for which I have no immediate use?


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