Friday, September 25, 2009

False Prophecies and Misadventures

The evening before leaving on my trip to Santa Fe and Taos, we had dinner with friends at a Chinese Restaurant. When the Fortune Cookies came, I really perked up, because mine said: "Your new adventure will bring you happiness". I figured that this referred to the Jane Thornley Workshop/Retreat to which I was headed. I certainly expected it would be an adventure. Little did I know what kind of adventure it would be.

I arrived in Santa Fe Tuesday evening, September 8th; and spent an uneventful night in a nice motel. Wednesday, I visited my friend at her gallery and we had lunch together before I visited 2 of the great LYSs in town. As usual, I couldn't resist the gorgeous yarns, and bought quite a bit at both shops; some of it to possibly use in the workshop.

I then got on the road to Taos, at least I thought it was the way to Taos. After driving for great distances, at pretty high speeds, I came to the realization that I was not heading to Taos. I would have stopped and asked if there was a way to get where I was going from where I was, but there weren't many places to go off the road and stop, and it was raining pretty heavily most of the time, so I turned around and went back to Santa Fe. This cost me a couple of hours at least.

Once I found the right road, I figured I could still make it to the Retreat in time for the evening get acquainted event, but I ended up taking another wrong turn (or, rather, not taking a turn I should have). To add to the problem, once I got partway there, my cell phone wouldn't work and I couldn't even make contact with the people at the retreat. By the time I finally arrived there, it was after 10pm, and too late to meet up with any of the other participants. So I settled in my room for the night, and hoped that the next day would be better.

After breakfast (great food and companionship) we moved into the Log Cabin and began the workshop. Jane is a great teacher, as I knew she would be, and we began working on our projects. It was interesting to see everyone's different approaches; the theme was (loosely) The Road to Taos, or the colors of the Southwest and New Mexico. During this time I got to show off my Paua Shell/Watergarden Shrug and my Little Fishies Scarf.

After lunch, more good food and conversation, most of us went to scout out the LYSs, supposedly all within easy walking distance. It was quite warm, even hot, that day, and some of us really felt it. After visiting 2 shops, and buying quite a bit of yarn, I decided to head back to the lodge. Jane and I walked back, and I joined some of the others in the log cabin to work on our projects.

I decided to go up to my room for something, and on my return it happened, I tripped on the uneven flagstone and fell. HARD!

To Be Continued

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