Saturday, September 5, 2009

Heading to New Mexico

There are only 2 more days till I head to Santa Fe and Taos. As usual, there is still too much to do. But, also as usual, the important stuff will get done. And what doesn't, can be done without, or done later. I am getting excited about this trip, especially the Workshop/Retreat with Jane Thornley in Taos. For one thing, I've never been to Taos, but have always wanted to go there. And I know the workshop will really be an experience to remember. I've been putting off doing a JT Feather n Fan project, because it seems a little daunting; but being able to actually do it with Jane there to help is very reassuring.

I've finished the Paua Shell/Watergarden Shrug, at least all the knitting. Now I have to weave in all the ends, and there are a LOT; not one of my favorite pastimes as I may have said before. But I will do it, and sew the seams, and put on an edging. I do intend to have this done to show off at the workshop. And when it's done, I'll post some pictures and show it off here, too.

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