Sunday, November 7, 2010

Changing Leaf

     I've been spending almost all my time since October 8th, when I finally started my Fallen Leaf Frond Wrap, feverishly working on it as if obsessed. Of course, I get obsessed about most of my projects; but this one seemed to grab me more than usual. There were a few times when the section I was working on just wouldn't go well; times when it was so far off the mark that nothing would do but to frog and redo in another way, another yarn, another color or stitch pattern. And one time I really needed to step back and do something else (or Nothing else) for a day or two; let it marinate for a while until I knew what it wanted me to do. But even then, I kept going into the room where it lay and sat and stewed about it. I just couldn't let it be. 

I finally decided to just ignore anything minor, and even some major things that couldn't be fixed without frogging almost the whole shebang, and forged on as best I could. And the further I got, the more I began to really love the color transitions, in spite of being totally out of my comfort zone. But then again, color, in general, has always been my forte; whether working in glass or in fiber. So I guess it shouldn't surprise me that I was able to work so well in colors far removed from my usual palette.

So here is my entry in the Autumn KAL in Jane Thornley's group on Ravelry: 

Because I only used small amounts of most of the yarns, there's more than enough for another project. What shall it be?

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