Sunday, January 2, 2011

Year's End

"When you get to the end of a year, it's common to reflect back on events and accomplishments, and sometimes to write "Closed" on certain aspects of your life."

I wrote this on Wednesday, and never got back to it; too busy reflecting, and trying to finish up those "certain aspects". 

The major accomplishment was this:
Harry (DH) built new shelves to connect my existing 3 cabinets to create a full wall of storage, and we moved all my yarns from various places around the house into this unit. It gave me the chance, among other things, to finally organize my yarns by color. But it also brought into perspective just how much yarn I actually have. Now, I've always said that you can't have too much yarn; I was wrong! I cannot use up this much yarn in my lifetime, especially since I now am splitting my time between fiber and glass. So I'm going to try really hard not to buy any yarn until I've put a dent in this stash. Unless I need yarn to finish a project that I'm working on. This will definitely be a challenge to try and make use of stash only. The one exception to this is that if I decide to do the 2011 crochet block a month cal I will have to buy yarn for that, as my stash doesn't include the kind of yarn required. 

 I also finished the Night Sky Vest, as mentioned in the previous post,
 and finally made some acceptable toggle type buttons for it: 
I guess that's it till next time. I'll try to post more frequently in the future. 

Till then, here's wishing you all a Healthy, Happy, Peaceful New Year
(and Prosperous wouldn't hurt)
in which the worst day of the year is as mild as the best day of last year.

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