Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's a String Thing #48

This week's String Thing uses string #46, created by Pat Furguson
and the following patterns:
Purk and Printemps - Official Zentangle® patterns
Pippin by Juliet Herring
Pressed Wood by CZT Margaret Bremner

Adele commented 
"Don't those lovely loops look eager for Purk?" I would have used Purk  even without that suggestion; I imagine that many, if not most, of the other participants thought the same.

It's true that there's nothing like the spontaneity that comes when you just go with the flow when starting a tile or ZIA. It can never really be reproduced. When I started working on this challenge, everything just fell into place, except that I had a few really messy areas that I couldn't claim were "design elements", or clean up satisfactorily. So I started over, and after 3 or 4 attempts, what I came up with is OK, but nowhere near as good as the original.

I used a black fine Sharpie pen for the tangles; Copenhagen Blue Prismacolor pencil for shading; and White Charcoal pencil for highlights (and for Printemps in the background) on Canson Mi-Teintes Blue Pastel Paper.

If you haven't already visited Tickled to Tangle, I strongly urge you to check out all the entries there on Monday, when Adele Bruno posts them. The vast differences that can be achieved using the same tangles on the same string are truly incredible. And, if you've a mind to try a String Thing yourself, check back on Tuesday, when she offers the new ones.

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