Sunday, January 18, 2015

joey's weekly challenge #43

When I saw joey's latest challenge I wasn't so sure that I wanted to do it, because it involved doing 4 tiles. I just didn't think I could devote that much time to one challenge. Essentially, it involves doing the same tile 4 times, and then putting them together to create a new tile altogether. I decided to cheat a little, and use Bijou (2") tiles instead of the full 3½" ones. I based it on a tile I did for an earlier Diva's Challenge
 Here are 2 versions I did with the Bijou tiles:
I tried putting them together in different configurations, but none of them worked at all. So this is it. I've looked  at some of the other entries, and they obviously did tiles that worked better in this concept. So, lesson learned, I think. If we get this sort of challenge again, I'll be prepared.
I just found another way that works, sort of:
Take a look at joey’s site to see the other entries, 
and maybe try one yourself.


  1. That's great! Your sun turning into an eye and a lovely planet with 4 suns :-)

  2. Fun to see all the changes :) :)
    ~ Diane Clancy


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