Friday, January 9, 2015

XYP, That String Thing, Joey's, etc

This past week's tangle for Square One was XYP, which I'd never actually done. So to make up for it, I did 2:


If you're not familiar with Square One: Purely Zentangle, they are a group over on Facebook, devoted to the original basic concept of Zentangle: Artwork created with nothing more than a 3.5" x 3.5" paper tile, pen and color, no eraser, no distraction. Check it out and perhaps you might want to join in.
Over at Adele Bruno's site, Tickled to Tangle, 
the String Thing challenge for the week was to use 
 String #74, by Melodie Hampshire

with the tangles:  
Kiss by Katie Booth
Lealad by Lily Moon
Twizted by CZT Terri Brown
As you may have noticed, I've been leaving quite a bit of white space in these tiles. I don't know why, it just happens. Perhaps it's my new style.

If you check out Tickled to Tangle on Monday afternoons, Adele Bruno posts all the entries. The vast differences that can be achieved using the same tangles on the same string are truly incredible. And, if you've a mind to try a String Thing yourself, 
check back on Tuesday afternoons, 
when she offers the new ones.
Joey's Challenge #42 is Lucky in '15
Wishing everyone Luck in 2015, use Adele Bruno's pattern Lucky in String #15
Here's what I came up with (notice the open spaces again)
Joey's challenges are on her blog made by joey. Check it out; another opportunity to see others' work 
or try your hand yourself. 
I haven't had a chance to try the Diva's Challenge yet, but that will have to wait for another day; I really want to get this posted tonight.


  1. Truly wonderful tiles. I like the white space. The use of Lealad on the string of It's A String Thing and the big XYP are great.

  2. thank you. I'm so glad that you like my work.

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for choosing my tangle as well. :)

    1. Thank you, Lily, for a lovely, versatile tangle.

  4. These are all lovely!! Your Lucky (which I came to see) is lovely!! :)
    ~ Diane Clancy


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