Friday, August 19, 2016

Square One: OKE, and Joey's Challenge #126

Square One's Focus tangle this past week was OKE.
Here's mine, with a bit of B-Dylan:
and I also tried it on the diagonal:
Check out the Square One/Purely Zentangle group
on Facebook and see all the other entries.
Square One has you going back to the basics.
Try it, you may like it.
 Joey's Challenge this week, and probably for a few weeks,
is "Finish my Tile". She will start each tile with one tangle,
which we can either print, or draw the tangle that she 
has used in the same spot on our tile, then add tangles 
of our own to finish it off!

I filled the original Paradox with Meer; added another 
tangleation of Paradox; put some Betweed in the 2 small 
corners; and finished with Z-Trik in the larger corners.

Take a look at Joey’s site to see the other entries,
and maybe try one yourself. 


  1. Your Joey tile is really interesting, it has a nice industrial feel to it. I like the Sound of the Square one group but I think I have enough eggs in my basket for the moment lol.

  2. Great "Finish My Tile" tile!! It just flows so nicely. I also love your "oke" tiles...Oke isn't a good tangle for me, even tho it's so simple. Square One is a great challenge site, I go there to get the weekly challenge every Friday.



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