Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Joey's Challenge #137: Finish My Tile; Wud; Diva's Challenge #291: Happy Halloween

Here's another Finish My Tile challenge from Joey this week.
This is the tile to be finished; and the tangle pattern is Wud.
I am so glad to have the Finish My Tile challenge again.
I really like the format; and missed it when Joey strayed 
away from it. As usual, I chose to do a monotangle:
Take a look at Joey’s site to see the other entries,
and maybe try one yourself.

This week's Diva's challenge is to create a Halloween 
themed tile. Or do a white on black tile - and use a 
white gelly roll pen on a black tile, or other dark paper. 
By the time I got around to do the challenge, Halloween 
was long gone. Or at least a couple of days ago. So I opted
 to do white on black; and decided to do a Zendala.

It's another monotangle; 4 variations of one of my patterns:
Vs and Arches.

Be sure to visit the Diva's site to see the other wonderful entries; it's amazing how different all the responses are. Maybe you'll be inspired to try out one of the Challenges yourself.


  1. Gorgeous tiles and wonderful colours, I love them :-) Gudrun S.

  2. Wud looks wonderful on this tile, especially in these nice colors.
    The Zendalatile also is beautiful, I like these pattern and his variations very much.

  3. Your Joey tile looks very artistic because of the colours you've used. Beautiful!
    Your monotangle looks great too.

  4. Love both of your tiles! The zendala is beautiful!

  5. Love your colorful monotangle for Joey!😄

  6. And you made a nice zendala for the Diva!

  7. Beautiful pumpkin tile and wonderful black and white Zendala! Love both!

  8. very beautiful colors on your first tile and gorgeous zendala!

  9. This is a lovely, detailed zendala and you have kept it sooo neat. Very nice indeed.

  10. Wow! these are both gorgeous! I love your use of color on the Joey tile and your zendala is stunning;-)

  11. Love the green and orange happy tile and your Zendala is so lovely!

  12. Wonderful work! Especially I like the black zendala!


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