Sunday, April 25, 2010

At Last!

At last; the 1000 Branches Kimono (I really have to find a new, more personal name for it) is FINISHED! It was a much longer process than I had expected, what with a false start, multiple froggings, a totally reworked front band, and various other mishaps. But finally it is done, and I'm delighted with the finished product.

 Tomorrow I hope to get some pictures of me wearing it; after all, it's meant to be worn.

While working on the finishing touches (weaving in myriad ends, blocking, and sewing the side seams) I played around with writing a Haiku about the process. It was something that was brought up at the beginning of the KAL, but no one had seemed to follow up on the idea. Anyway, once I started I couldn't stop, and I kept coming up with different versions. So here are a few of them; let me know what you think:

KIMONO finished
Process excruciating
Results to be seen

KIMONO finished
The process was difficult
Results to be seen

KIMONO finished
Process excruciating
Product exquisite

KIMONO finished
Process excruciating
Product elegant

The Knitting; finished
The blocking; now being done
Tomorrow we see

Knitting is finished
the blocking is also done
photos tomorrow

KIMONO,  done at last
Difficult process to finish
desirous results 

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