Friday, November 4, 2011

It's Been a While

It's been quite a while since I last posted, which was right after I returned from Petoskey. The Workshop/Retreat was a real pick-me-up and did a lot for my morale.  But the Pneumonia and Valley Fever have not completely left my system yet, and I still feel kind of punk part of the time. Which is why I haven't felt much like engaging my brain and taking the time to post here.  

But I did finish the Forest Flow Vest that I started at Knitting Under a Mango Moon II, and I'm really happy with it.

 And I've since been working on a new Branches & Dunes project for the latest Jane Thornley KAL  I kept changing my mind about this piece; first it was going to be another, but shorter, vest. then I thought I'd try a cardigan/jacket. But after seeing this on Dancing with the Stars:
 I decided on a sort of poncho, but with armholes and side seams. This is the first half:
 Based loosely on the colors in this Autumn in the Desert photo
I've started the second half, but can't decide whether to just duplicate the first half, or make it different, so I can have 2 different looks. The deadline for the KAL is November 15th, so I'd better make a decision and get working on it.


  1. I think that you are doing great and hope that you continue to get better every day. Your vest is such a gorgeous blue, and that is a soothing color. Perfect for resting and healing!

  2. Thanks, Mardi. The blue is a soothing color, and I have been able to wear it already, since our weather has finally turned cooler. Actually, it's turned too cold too fast. but I like it better than hot.

  3. Audrie... LOVE the vest! So glad you are recovering. I have been out of touch too, as I mounted a major trunk show at the Harwood Museum aqui in Taos. Have sold a bunch, I am happy to say. Keep on the mend!

  4. Thanks, Faith. I'm making progress, just not as much or as fast as I'd like. It's good to hear that your trunk show is successful.


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