Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I Guess It Can Be Done

Well, I practiced using my left hand some more, and tried another Non-Domonotangle. I think if I kept on working at it, I might eventually get pretty good at using my left hand. The thing that quite surprises me is that my left-handed drawing is not nearly as bad as my left-handed writing. The thing about it that I find surprising is that I use to be able to write pretty well with my left hand. Now it's gotten really bad; or at least, very childish looking.  Don't get me wrong, it is legible, just very sloppy.

Anyway, as I said, I did try another tile, and it came out all right. I learned that I have to go slow, and found that I needed to turn the tile more often than usually. When making curved lines, I did better doing them from one side than from the other. And straight lines were easier vertically than horizontally. So, with a little adapting, and some more practice, one might get pretty good at it. 

That said, here's my 2nd Non-Domontangle: 

I urge you to visit the Diva's site to learn more about
 the challenges, and most of all to see the 
amazing art being created in response. 

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  1. This is nicely composed and you are so right, your non dom is strong!
    Well done!

  2. Very insightful observations. You have done well.

  3. Wish my non dom was as strong as yours! Nice job!

  4. You did very well and indeed strong lines!

  5. I cannot believe you did this twice!! Both are great!

  6. That's amazing how you managed to draw a second tile with your non-dom hand!!! Like it!!

  7. This is an amazing tile and you can't tell it was a non-dom piece.

    Happy Zentangling!

    Jacque Solomon


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