Thursday, August 29, 2013

Tipple: Love it or Hate it

Every time I look at String #11 I see a decanter and a glass. So when Laura, the Diva, proposed a Challenge using Tipple, it was only natural that I would come up with a bottle of bubbly and a glass to pour it into (even if it's the wrong kind of glass) followed by some bubbles. Now, Laura has also stated that everyone either loves Tipple or hates it. If they hate it, it's because they consider it tedious having to fill a space with all those little circles. But I find it truly Zen-like adding one circle after another; it really requires little thought: just Breathe and Do it. So this is my first entry into this week's Diva's Challenge.

After I finished the first one, I went off in a totally different direction for my second one:
Hope you like them, or even just one of them. 

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  1. Both are great, really like what you've done with Purk and String #11 quite a new take!

  2. they are both very nice I especially like the second one.

  3. I agree that both are nice but I prefer the second. Mostly because it is a flowing organic tile.

  4. Both are lovely! The second is my favorite. Nice combination of Tipple with Flux!

  5. Both are great: the first one of the combination of tangles and the softness of the second one.

  6. I love your tileS! This was a fun challenge, wasn't it? Nice blog, too!

    Be creative and catch some Happy!

    Jacque Solomon

  7. here some of my favorite patterns like it very much


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