Saturday, August 29, 2015

String Thing #107, and more

On August 25th, seventy-six years ago, 
the movie The Wizard of Oz debuted in the United States.  
It's a String Thing #107 asks us to 
tangle the Yellow Brick Road this week,
and begin with 
TanglePatterns String 111 by CZT Maria Vennekens ~
Zenith by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas - their newest tangle
Pixioze by CZT Margaret Bremner - her latest tangle
Ann by Adele Bruno, from her very first blog post

So this is what I came up with. 
This was one of those tiles that just fell into place. 
The only real thinking I had to do was to decide 
what color to make the butterflies (the tangle Ann)
I really like it; I hope you do, too.

As always, I urge you to check out all the entries @ Tickled to Tangle, on Monday afternoon, when Adele Bruno posts them. The vast differences that can be achieved using the same tangles on the same string are truly incredible. And, if you've a mind to try a String Thing yourself, check back on Tuesday afternoon, when she offers the new ones. 
Over at Joey's Weekly Tangle Challenge #75
it's onto another week of the
and this week is the letter L
LinQ Monotangle
  Here's mine
 This was done first, no shading. 
Then I thought maybe it needed shading, 
so I did this one

I'm really not sure which I prefer. What do you think?

Take a look at Joey’s site to see the other entries, 
and maybe try one yourself.
 And last for this week,
 the guest blogger at iamthediva is 
CZT Holly Atwater.
She offered 2 challenges: 
the first is any or all of 3 Audio Zentangle Meditations,
the second is the tangle Betweed.
I chose to do all 3 of the Audio Meditations:

The first was very straightforward, 
and I zipped right through it.

But in the second and third I found it hard 
to understand the audio; it just wasn't loud enough. 
I suddenly realized that while I was wearing my hearing aids during the first one, I wasn't wearing them during the second and third. So I put them in, and tried again. The second one was still a little hard to hear, but the third one was fine. 

All in all, it was an interesting and enjoyable experiment. 
I would certainly do such meditations again.

Be sure to visit the Diva's site to see the other entries; it's always amazing how different all the responses are. Maybe you'll be inspired to try out one of the Challenges yourself.

And perhaps you'd like to try the Audio Zentangle Meditations. 
You can access them at Holly Atwater's blog


  1. Lovely! I especially love your Zenith tile.

  2. Great tiles. The yellow brick road one is fantastic.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. All of these pieces are wonderful. I like the shaded LinQ, thanks for participating!
    The last set it totally cool, I can see the trouble you were having with the process. The first and last tangles are crisper and clearer than the middle one. How interesting!!
    ~ joey ~

  5. Audrie...

    Wow! You have completed some gorgeous tiles this week! It is fun to see what you did with all the challenges you participated in. Your yellow brick road is delightful! I prefer the shaded LinQ tile. I like the dimension it adds.

    It was kind of you to try all THREE audio meditations! I would never have guessed you had any trouble by looking at the outcomes... I think they are lovely! Wonderful shading on all three! I am sorry to hear that you struggled with the audio... First I have heard of this, so I will have to look into it and be extra aware on future ones I produce. Thank you for your feedback and participating in the Duo Challenge.


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