Sunday, August 2, 2015

Joey's #71, Diva's #228

Short post this week

Joey's Alphabet Challenges continue; 
this one is a Hollibaugh monotangle:
Take a look at Joey’s site to see the other entries, 
and maybe try one yourself.
 DC#228, Organic/Natural, 
from guest blogger CZT Cari Sultanik:
Choose tangles that feel organic or natural
 Tangles used: Sanibelle, Zailz, Nipa, and Msst

Be sure to visit the Diva's site to see the other wonderful entries; it's amazing how different all the responses are. Maybe you'll be inspired to try out one of the Challenges yourself. 


  1. I'm a Diva challenge person. I think you certainly captured the spirit of what Cari (the guest Diva) was looking for. How do you do your floating photo cube??? It's so cool.

    1. Thanks, Suzanne.
      If you click on Photo Cube under the floating cube, it'll take you to a site where you can get one.

  2. I love your interpretation of the challenge!!!

  3. An inspirational response to this week's challenge.


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