Thursday, September 29, 2016

Joey's Challenge #132; Finish My Tile: Diva Dance

Joey's challenge this week is another Finish My Tile:
 using Diva Dance.
And, as I've done for all the Finish My Tile challenges, 
so far, I did a monotangle:
Since there are 3 versions of Diva Dance; 
it worked out very well. 

Take a look at Joey’s site to see the other entries,
and maybe try one yourself.


  1. It's very nice :-) Gudrun S.

  2. Diva Dance is a beautiful pattern with so many possibilities and like this monotangle tile.

  3. Great job!! You are right, it all worked out really well.


  4. Diva Dance is such a nice pattern! You can Dance the way you want! Nice tile!

  5. We are having flooding rains here, and this reminds me of the eddying water in the very full river. Lovely!


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