Sunday, January 8, 2017

Joey #146, and It's A String Thing #178

Joey is continuing her Finish My Tile challenges, 
(Thank You, Joey) but with an added twist:
For the next 26 challenges, she will provide a letter string,
and the appropriate letter tangle. This is, obviously, an A
string; and the tangle is A-dalfa. It's on a ZIA tile, actually
an ATC; Artist Trading Card: 2 1/2" x 3 1/2"
In my usual fashion, I did a monotangle, Black on Gray:
 I'm rather fond of this one, and think I may do some 
more gray tiles; especially since I just sent away for
Sonya Yencer's 14 Shades of Gray.  I had already done 
some gray tiles before, to quite good results; and I would
like to take it  further.

Take a look at Joey’s site to see the other entries,
and maybe try one yourself.

At Tickled to Tangle, this is the string:
and the tangles to use are:
MySwing by Simone Menzel, CZT,
Zonked by Barbara Finwall,
and Panthe by Nancy Newlin
I really struggled with these tangles, in order to get
 them all to play well together. I finally decided to put
 them on a gray tile; which I had already used in my tile
 for Joey's challenge (see above), and do My Swing  
in white, to make it stand out against the other 2 
busier, grid based (also more geometric) tangles. 
 That seems to have worked, more or less; at least
  to keep them all from fighting together. It wasn't till
I scanned it that I realized it was on the tile lopsized.
 But I wasn't going to try to remedy that at this late date.
 So what you see is what you get.

Be sure to check out all the entries @ Tickled to Tangle, on Monday afternoon, when Adele Bruno posts them. Although, actually, it's usually more Monday evening before they're posted. The vast differences that can be achieved using the same tangles on the same string are truly incredible. And, if you've a mind to try a String Thing yourself, check back on Tuesday afternoon, or evening, when she offers the new ones.



  1. A wonderful beginning of the new year dear Audrie. The grey tiles look very good, I like your A and the way you have managed My Swing, that is a beautiful tangle but a difficult one and I had also a struggle to master this pattern.

  2. Love both your tiles! The one for IAST is one I struggle with, also. Your rendition rocks!


  3. Hi Audrie,
    I love both tiles, the A is black on gray really nice.
    Your IAST tile is so fine with the highlighted MySwing and the frame with Zonked and Panthe.
    Greetings from Germany


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