Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Gem & Mineral, Jewelry & Bead Shows in Tucson

Another thing that's been occupying my time this past week is that it's Gem, Mineral, Jewelry and Bead time here in Tucson. Many of my cohorts in the Glass Bead Making world are in town, either as vendors, or as buyers. And since I set up my glass studio since last year's shows, I've been visiting suppliers to stock up on tools and other equipment to help me get back into glasswork. Including a new kiln. When we moved out here full time, I gave my big kiln to a friend; it would have cost a small fortune to ship out here. 

Since this is the last kiln I expect I'll ever buy, I got every feature I think I might need. Besides beads and jewelry (including shawl pins as an adjunct to my fiber work) I hope to start doing some small sculptures and vessels. This kiln should accommodate them all.

But I haven't abandoned the fiber work. Despite vowing not to buy any new yarn until I make a substantial dent in my stash, I bought quite a few hanks of ribbon from a vendor I buy from at the Whole Bead Show every year. It may be just a technicality, but I figure it's ribbon, not yarn.
And my Rushing River project is coming along; slowly, but nicely.
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