Monday, February 21, 2011

Now What?

We have another KAL going on in Jane Thornley's group on Ravelry. It's called Knit Me a River, and everyone's projects are river themed. Mine is based on Jane's Flowing River Scarf pattern, but I decided to make it into a shawl instead. Living in the desert, keeping my neck warm isn't much of an issue, but the evenings are cool and keeping my shoulders and arms warm is.

Because I turned this into a shawl, it's not the quick project it might have been. And, as so often happens with FreeRange/Evocative knitting, it has a mind of its own, and has grown quite a bit. Which would be fine; I like a substantial wrap. But because it's bigger than originally planned, it's using more yarn than expected.

Which brings me to my latest dilemma. I've almost run out of one of my essential yarns. It's not one that I need a lot of, but it's used to transition one color into the next, and then into the next, in 2 key places. I discovered that none of the LYSs in town have it, nobody on Ravelry seems to have it in their stash, and I seem to be left in the lurch.

 I’ve spent the evening, so far, trying to come up with a substitute, but nothing works. So I’ll have to figure out how to transition between yarns and still get the hazy effect I have in the half shawl I’ve done so far. The yarn is a mohair, in a not easy to replicate color. So I have to figure out whether I want the 2nd side of my river to be lighter or darker, or a different shade, than the 1st.
This is it so far:
  I’ll keep knitting till I get to where I need the yarn, but then it’ll be put on hold till I find a solution. I have a little of it left, but I don’t think it will go very far.

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