Saturday, June 13, 2015

Joey's #64 and Square One

Another week with only a few challenges accomplished. I've been busy getting ready for a trip back home, which includes a Trunk Show at one of the local bead shops. So I've been spending most of my time trying to compile the beads (I'm a glass bead maker in my other life) and jewelry (also a jewelry designer/maker) to take with. Not to mention just the regular packing for the trip. And, of course, the packing restrictions are making it difficult. 

I've been trying work on challenges a little bit, but not to great success. I finished Joey's Challenge #64, Arukas Monotangle, but almost didn't, because I used Arukas for the Diva's straight line challenge recently. Maybe I should have just used the tile I did for that challenge. Oh, well, too late now. 
This is my Arukas tile:
Take a look at joey’s site to see the other entries, and maybe try one yourself.

The other tile I did was for Square One. It combines the tangles that were the focus of each of the last 3 weeks (including this week): Rain, Msst, and Flux
Be sure to check out the Square One/Purely Zentangle group on Facebook and see all the other entries for these and lots of other tangles. Square One has you going back to the basics;
try it, you may like it.


  1. A lovely Aruka! It reminds me of a flower opening. Really nice! Sarah

    1. Thanks for your comment, Sarah. I really appreciate it.

  2. Nice center variation on your Arukas!


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