Thursday, April 28, 2016

Diva's #265: Stripes

 The last couple of weeks, Ive done the Diva's challenges, 
but couldn't seem to finish them. Just too much going on;
so I wanted to be sure to finish and post this week's. 
Especially because I like the format so much. I hope to
get back in the swing of things soon. But for now,
at least here's this week's tile.

This week's challenge is Stripes; one of my all-time favorites. 
I took a slightly different approach this time. Instead of having 
all the stripes go in the same direction, I placed some of them 
at a right angle to the others. I like the resulting effect.
Be sure to visit the Diva's site to see the other wonderful 
entries; it's amazing how different all the responses are. 
Maybe you'll be inspired to try out one of the challenges yourself.


  1. Great tile! I really like the boldness of Coaster(I think that's the name of the pattern) in the middle.

  2. Interesting composition and a great way to add more Tangles.

  3. Humm, I really like that pattern too that Michele called Coaster. I saw Beadline in a new tangelation!Whichever, it really separates the directions nicely. I do like the change of direction too!

  4. Wonderful tile! Happy weekend!

  5. Exquisite! This composition really works!


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