Sunday, April 3, 2016

Diva's Challenge #261: Bijou Stack

Jane Reiter, CZT, is the Diva's Guest Blogger this week; 
and she's come up with a fascinating challenge: 
Start with a Bijou tile (2" square). Cut 5 squares of   
mat board,  card stock, recycled cardboard, 
watercolour paper  or Bristol board in 
 successive sizes to correspond to the Bijou tile:  
3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, and 7” squares. 

Tangle the Bijou tile with any tangle (or tangles) of 
your choice, then tangle the borders of the larger squares. 
This is a good opportunity to use border tangles, 
or any linear style tangle.

Here are mine before stacking:
and here is the finished stack:
 I thought I was going to do a few of these, but those 
5 borders took much more time than I'd expected. 
But I really like the concept, and I know that I'll
try it again, perhaps in color.

Be sure to visit the Diva's site to see the other wonderful 
entries; it's amazing how different all the responses are, 
especially with this technique. Maybe you'll be inspired 
to try out one of the Challenges yourself. 


  1. This is really worth the time you needed to do it. Beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much, Annemarie. Your comments are always appreciated.

  2. Excellent choice of tangles for your borders! It amazes me time and again how powerful black and white + shading can be, when skillfully applied. And you definitely displayed your skills in these tiles! 😊

    1. Thanks for your comments. It helps much to have others' opinions.

  3. I love your stacked tiles,but the largest pattern worked out beautifully as it really does look like a frame. I have to agree with Miss N above as to how powerful black and white are. Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you. I specifically used that pattern because, with a little shading, it really does look like a frame.


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