Tuesday, December 13, 2016

3Zs 12 Days of Christmas

There's a new tile in town; it's triangular, called 3Z, 
and it's taken off like a house afire. The official tiles come 
in White, Black, and Renaissance, and look like this:

There is a 12 Days of Christmas series going on which 
began on December 3rd; focusing on one tangle a day. 
Each day, create a tile using that day's tangle, plus any 
or all of the tangles used on previous days.

I came a little late to the party; I didn't start until December 
9th. At the time, I still didn't have any of the official 3Z tiles; 
so I cut my own, using some watercolor paper. I was 
pleasantly surprised to find (after I received the official tiles) 
that the paper I used was exactly like the actual 3Z tiles.

At any rate; here are the tiles I've completed so far:

Day 1: Tripoli

Day 2: Diva Dance, and a touch of Tripoli

Day 3: Shattuck, with Diva Dance and Tripoli:

 and Day 4: Marasu, with Shattuck, Diva Dance, and Tripoli:

I'm really enjoying working on these 3Zs. It's amazing how 
many tangles you can fit on one of these tiles. I'm not sure I 
can continue to use all the tangles on subsequent days, but 
I'm going to try doing it.

To find the guidelines, and see some of the tiles, 
go to the Zentangle Blog

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