Saturday, December 17, 2016

Z3, Days 7 and 8

Still trying to catch up. I wasn't able to do a tile yesterday.
  Somehow, nothing I tried seemed to work. So I did Day 7 
today; the focus tangle was Knightsbridge. And I was still able
 to include all the previous tangles: Molygon, Golden Tipple, 
Marasu, Shattuck, Diva Dance, and Tripoli. It's amazing 
how much you can fit into that little triangle. 

 I'm going to try and do Day 8 tonight; so I'll still be on track to
finish before it actually IS Christmas. The tangle for the 8th Day
is Pokeleaf; I like it a lot. So perhaps that will spur me on to get
another tile done today.

Well, I did it; I finished a tile for Day 8:
Pokeleaf, and all the previous tangles, as well.

To find the guidelines, and see some of the tiles, 
go to the Zentangle Blog

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